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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Today the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit affirmed the district court's order dismissing Little Mary Check's vaccine-refusal case.  We respectfully disagree with the ruling, and intend to appeal the decision to the Supreme Court of the United States. The Appeals Court upheld the dismissal of the case by the Hon. William F. Kuntz, III, USDJ, that held the law involving the childhood immunization program in New York is well settled, and that the constitutionality of the vaccine program is "too well established" to require discussion. The Court in error dismissed Mary's case without reviewing any of the medical or scientific evidence involving vaccine safety and efficacy.  Plaintiffs allege the law requiring vaccines for school children is far from well settled in New York, the practice of vaccinating is dangerous, and we most definitely do not experiment on children in the United States, which is exactly what is on going with the childhood vaccination program.

The Court relied on United States Supreme Court precedent set over 100 years ago in the matter of Jacobson vs. Massachusetts, 197 US 11 (1905), an important case which held a state may exercise "police power" over the citizenry forcing its people to vaccinate.  Plaintiffs filed their case challenging the necessity of the approximately 69 doses of 16 different diseases recommended for children by the CDC before the age of 15 on First, Ninth and Fourteenth Amendment grounds, and sought review of appropriateness of the government's police power forcing children to be vaccinated. A growing body of medical research today, not available to the Jacobson Court a century ago, shows vaccine ineffectiveness concluding the shots in reality can do more harm than good.  None of this credible scientific evidence was presented to the Court in Mary's case.

On September 5, 2014, in Krahling vs. Merck, Index No.10-4374 the federal court denied yet another motion to dismiss a claim of alleged fraud against the Pharma giant Merck involving the controversial MMR vaccine. In Krahling, former Merck scientists alleged the current supplier of the MMR "boosters" is falsifying evidence on the efficacy of the MMR vaccines in controlling the spread of disease. Yet remarkably in July of 2014, the City and State of New York added millions of doses of "boosters" to the school schedule, including the MMR, without any judicial review of the new mandate. 

Even more disturbing, on August 27, 2014, Brian Hooker, PhD., biochemist and a parent of a vaccine injured child, released transcripts of recordings with a distraught Dr. William Thompson, a vaccine scientist at the CDC since 1998, confessing to a cover up during the 2001 Congressional Hearings on the-controversial MMR vaccine and its link to Autism. CDC Epidemiologist Whistleblower Confirms New Review Showing Vaccine Autism Link,

In the transcripts, Dr. Thompson says "I was complicit, and, ah, I went along with this. We didn't report significant findings.You know, I'm not proud of that and, uh, it's probably, it's the lowest; it's the lowest point in my career that I went along with that paper ... I have great shame now when I meet families with kids with autism, because I have been part of the problem.”  We intend to Appeal the Phillips decision. 

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 Since this case was filed in February 2012 it has been consolidated with two other cases, challenging the New York State law that requires vaccines for school and the safety of vaccines.  The purpose of this case is to have the Court approve the religious and medical exemptions which we have submitted and also to overturn the approximately 109-year old Supreme Court case, Jacobson v. Massachusetts, in which Henrick Jacobson was prosecuted for refusing to take a smallpox vaccination.  Unlike years ago, today’s young children are bombarded with over 70 doses of vaccines before going to school.  Our trial is scheduled for June 2014 in the Unites States District Court for the Eastern District of New York in front of the Honorable William F. Kuntz.  

On June 3, 2014, Support Mary’s Rights will be hosting a fundraising casino night at Li Greci's Staaten on Staten Island to not only help raise money to support Mary’s legal efforts in her fight against the New York Board of Education and the Supreme Court, but also to raise awareness about making informed decisions regarding vaccinations.  Support Mary’s Rights would greatly appreciate your charitable contribution.  We welcome monetary donations, donated gift certificates, and items for raffle.  Additionally, business owners

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